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We Provide Done For You Funnel & Growth Structure

Skeptical? Of course you are. But WATCH this video and read the testimonials. Think the results are undeniable? Book your FREE IDA Growth Strategy Session today.

ONLY BOOK A CALL after you've watched the 7 minute video above.

If We Accept You as a Growth Client, We Will Design, Build & Deploy a Done-For-You Funnel That Sells ANYTHING You Want, GUARANTEED.

If You're Stuck Under $10k/Month Right Now and Want to Scale
Past $25k/Month in The Next 90 Days (Guaranteed)...

Book Your FREE IDA Growth Session Call NOW...

Here's What You Get With Us That NO ONE ELSE Can Provide You With....
The Done-With-You High Ticket 90 Days IDA Growth Accelerator

  • Your High Ticket Offer/Product/Service: We'll design or refine a high ticket offer for your product/service/passion that you can charge $3k-$30k for and automate all the delivery even if you're brand new.
  • PROVEN Funnel: We setup everything using our PROVEN funnels so you can focus on your PURPOSE and let us handle EVERYTHING else for you. Full TECH all done for you.
  • HIGHLY Qualified Leads: We create the ads & copy that brings you hot, qualified leads that can afford your offers. Getting you traffic & leads so you don't have to chase prospects and customers. We bring them to you.
  • Positioning: Position yourself as the #1 Authority & Go-To Expert In your field. Separating you from your competition by structuring your model in a way that is irresistible to your target market.
  • ​Simplify Your Sales Process: You will learn how to have simple sales conversations that build trust, instill value and overcome objections before they come up. Greatly increasing your conversions.
  • Executive Level Coaching & Mentorship: For the next 90 days, we provide you executive level coaching to give you customized and personalized direction on everything from your positioning, your branding, your sales, and your operations. From your ads to your offer to your funnels., so you can work on the business vs in it.
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The Truth About Attracting More Clients Than Any Of Your Competitors Are Systems ⏱️

Revealed: The exact 5-step 'selling system’ we use to flood businesses with 50+ high-value dream clients in 42-days or less (even if you have NEVER run FB ads).

ONLY BOOK A CALL after you've watched the 7 minute video above.

Requirements To Book:
  • I listened to the video above.
  • ​​I am a Coach, Consultant, Course Creator or Expert.
  • I need to scale what is already working.
  • ​​​Position my brand & marketing to get me more clients.
  • Do it all for me & help me ​​​accelerate my growth.
  • ​Streamline my offer, ads, tech integrations, emails & more.
  • Help me scale to serve more clients & create more freedom.
  • ​I understand that scaling my sales potential requires a sizable investment & I am ready to learn more. 

If this is all true, click the button below...

Our Structure, System & Strategy Aim To Produce:

⚡️ Challenge Funnel Sign-Ups 3400+ Leads 12 Days

💻 B2C Consultant Webinar Sign Ups

👩‍💼 B2C 37+ Applicants/Week

🚀 Coach Startup Acquires Webinar Viewers at $2.78 / Sign Up

Not sure how to use a sales funnel to help grow your business? DON’T WORRY, WE DO!!

Sales Funnels are mini websites that creates a streamlined path to getting clients.

Guide your visitors step-by-step through your entire process to a single STRONG call-to-action (so they don’t get lost and leave)

Direct them straight to your product or service they need to most to help solve their problem.

They are “sold” before you even need to speak to them.

Automate your Follow-up, even after they leave your page and turn unconverted visitors and leads into paying customers.

Not sure how to use a sales funnel to help grow your business?

Book a call, let us know what you do and we will gift you at least 2 strategies, you can implement immediately, to grow your business AND share with you our highest converting sales funnel structures.

Want More Booked Calls? Higher Paying Clients?
Book A Call Now With Israel Duran & the IDA Growth Team!

Israel is in high demand as a business consultant, speaker, and trainer in his 4 areas of business expertise: branding, marketing, sales and operations. In less than 7 years Israel built multiple successful businesses and has empowered thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs worldwide. His goal is to train visionaries on how to leverage their expertise and knowledge to create profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses, and the world.

Through a simple 3-step proven and transferable process, Israel is able to accelerate business growth by helping to instill clarity and direction into the purpose of every client; teaching them how to design and deliver effective solutions. He is known for his ability to unlock the potential of every partner, thereby positioning them to profit with a purpose.

Many Israel Duran clients are now doing 6 and 7+ figures in revenue using the business optimization strategies Israel taught them.

If you are a Visionary who is serious about growing your business by leveraging the service of speaking online or offline, Israel Duran is the partner you need to drive exponential growth.